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Chocolaterie La Pichotte

La Pichotte, your online artisan chocolate shop

Welcome to the online shop of La Pichotte, an artisanal chocolate factory whose reputation, in Charente, is well known!

This place takes its name from the speciality created in the 1940s by the Brun family  which became a registered trademark whose recipe was kept confidential and passed down from father to son before being sold to Jean-Luc Drochon, a worthy successor and the sole repository of manufacturing confidences.

La Pichotte, unique and gourmand with a subtle and refined taste, made of high quality raw materials (pure cocoa, home-made almond paste, a hint of alcohol...) will thrill your taste buds! With your eyes closed, eat it well; let it go and savour it; once tasted, you will not be able to do without it! But we won't reveal any more of this recipe.

A happy birthday!

1948-2018, La Pichotte celebrates its 70 years of existence for the greatest pleasure of gourmets and epicureans of all kinds!

There's something for everyone!

In addition to La Pichotte, you can also discover on our site, a whole range of "top-of-the-range" chocolates concocted by your chocolate maker; dragees, sweets as well as bottles of Pineau and Cognac.

Exquisite tasting moments to savour at home, by ordering, or you can, during an escapade towards La Rochefoucauld, come to taste these delicacies directly in the chocolate workshop where we will welcome you with pleasure!

Do you have questions about online chocolate sales, product composition, shipping? Do not hesitate to contact the chocolate shop, an answer will be given as soon as possible.

Enjoy your visit on our site!