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Our chocolate factory

Monday 23 July 2018
Our chocolate factory

Chocolates, sweets, alcohols,...

Jean-Luc Drochon welcomes you in his shop/workshop located in the heart of La Rochefoucauld to offer you a whole range of exceptional chocolates and confectionery, as well as other local sweets.

The chocolate factory selects the best products from the best suppliers for the greatest satisfaction of your palate.


La Pichotte, our chocolate speciality

A major speciality of the establishment, La Pichotte is shaped in the form of a "half-founding / half-cracking" bûchette. This chocolate candy with a subtle and refined taste is composed of high quality raw materials: pure cocoa, almond paste made by our care, a zest of fine alcohol and... some other ingredients that give it that inimitable taste. It is a fresh chocolate that contains neither preservatives nor additives. We adjust its manufacture to the demand in order to guarantee an optimal gustatory quality.

In 1948, when Antoine Brun imagined the recipe for this chocolate candy, he named it La Pichotte, in homage to the "Pichotiers" which is the other name given to the inhabitants of La Rochefoucauld, commonly known as Rupificaldiens. This artisanal chocolate creation was a great success and became a true specialty.

Today, Jean-Luc Drochon continues this tradition. La Pichotte is made in the laboratory of La Rochefoucauld respecting the unique know-how acquired over decades.

Chocolaterie La Pichotte also invites you to discover its other exceptional chocolates:

Sale of dragees and pebbles

The establishment is also known for its almond dragees. The chocolate and confectionery shop suggests you a large choice of Lérida, Avola,... dragees to offer and taste for all your most beautiful occasions, as well as a complete range of pebbles composed of an almond coated with different chocolates.

Sale of Pineau des Charentes

Chocolaterie La Pichotte offers you a wide range of old white and red Pineau to accompany its delicious chocolates

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